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Why Junk it Repair It – Cost Effective Wheel Rim Repair Pricing
The cost of the repair depends on the type of wheel or rim , condition, and size. Cost for an average wheel repair usually runs between $85 and $200 depending on the damage plus shipping and handling charges. Keep in mind that if your wheel is a high end wheel your price will be significantly higher. If possible Once you place a order email or take a picture of your wheel and send it to so we can call and confirm pricing on the wheel.
What We Service
• 14” to 30” wheels
• Factory aluminum alloy
• Aftermarket aluminum alloy
Chrome wheels – call for qoute
• We can fix cracks and bends on chrome wheels including repairs to front lips on chrome wheels without destroying the chrome finish.
• If you need it to be redip in chrome please call us for pricing
What We Repair
• -Bends
• -Cracks
• -Chunks
• -Curb Rash
Custom Color Match Powder Coating or Paint
-Car Parts
-Motorcycle Parts
Powder coating parts

Price List (subject to change)
Most all damage can be repaired for $85 per wheel. If the wheel is severely damaged, we may charge more (see list below)
Cosmetic (depending on extent of damage)
Bend, crack, chunk, curb rash wheels $85* – $225 per wheel
Custom Color Change Wheel – Paint $85* – $225 per wheel
Custom Color Change Wheel – Powder Coat $85* – $225 per wheel
Powder Coating Auto Parts – Call for quote
Powder Coating Motorcycle Parts – Call for quote
*Add $15 to wheel needing bend repair if tire is still on rim. Fee covers removing, remounting and rebalancing tire.