So you had your GOLDEN rim for a while or just barely got it and lets say you hit a pothole and messed up your GOLDEN custom rim or GOLDEN wheel. I am pretty sure you are upset and thinking that your will have to trash your GOLDEN wheel and go buy a new GOLDEN rim. Maybe they dont make the model of the GOLDEN rim or GOLDEN wheel anymore. Well fear not RimSpec can repair almost any wheel and most of the time we can save you almost half the cost of repairing that rim. We can repair 1 and 3 piece rims to really custom wheels. We can also recommend custom design to make your wheel stand out.
We offer the following services but not limited to it below:
GOLDEN Wheel repair
GOLDEN Rim Repair
GOLDEN Bent Rim Repair
GOLDEN Bent Wheel Repair
GOLDEN Cracked Wheel Repair
GOLDEN Cracked Rim Repair
GOLDEN Custom Rim Design
GOLDEN Custom Wheel Design
GOLDEN Chrome Wheel Repair
GOLDEN Chrome Rim Repair
GOLDEN Curb Rash Repair
GOLDEN Wheel Widening
Before and After

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